Deck Fitting – WASTE

Couldn’t open up the Waste Deck Fitting. Was bending the deck key left and right.  And then popped open the lazarette to take a look, and scary enough there was the waste tank bulging overcapacity.(no time for photos, this is a time for alarm!) Realized the tank was full and the air vent was compromised by a kink in the hose. Undid the venting hose, cleared the thruhull of any gunk and refitted with a quarter turn to offset the kink.(Looks like this is from the Lazarette being piled with stuff onto the hose pushing it against the fitting and forming a kink by the hose clamp). But, Small miracles! Two people pushing at same time (with two Phillips heads- with long necks to get the lower angle) in tandem and we got the deck fitting open and then looked around to see who had witnessed our victory and there was the pump out boat, talk about timing. So now our waste tank is bone dry and ready for the holiday weekend. Also got organized moving supplies and tools from the old boat over. And after searching online, we then called our local shop at the marina and ordered the Starboard bow light from them and they will have for us to pick up this week in time for the 4th of July. We intend to anchor somewhere near the bottom of Gardiner’s Island or maybe by Montauk for that night, and if we have to motor or sail at night, lights will be crucial.

IMG_8046IMG_8048 IMG_8049

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