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This is what we have been waiting for. SUMMER CAN BEGIN NOW.  Go out there early again per usual now. Checked on the keel paint job and got ready for the travel lift. Once the boat was picked up, painted the hull where the stands had been and the bottom of the keel and then SPLASH. Engine wasn’t turning over, had to charge the batteries for a minute and then started the diesel up. Moved into a slip and then went and bought new 15 amp fuse to replace the one we had crushed by stepping on. Quick vacuum of the cabin at the dock before putting back the mattress and floorboards (need to frame out the battery and support the floor boards by the stairs) and then motored out to a mooring. Got the main up and checked the time. Still early in the day, so we decided to just go for it. Sailed out of Three Mile no motor the whole way out of the channel into Gardiners Bay and then sailed over to Mark Cuban’s Fountainhead. Couple tacks and then headed home.

On the way back Traffic was brutal. And we missed game 7. Couldn’t even find it on the AM stations. I think everyone was visiting family on LI for Father’s Day and then all headed home after dinner, BUT WE ARE IN THE WATER. Summer 2016 is here finally.


Looking good.


Real good.


Waiting for travel lift.


Picking up UP THE IRONS


Painting where the stands were.


More Painting.




Fellow boater enjoying Father’s Day.


Is that Fountainhead in the distance?


The Fountainhead


Up The Irons needs a scrubbing.

Keel and Bottom Painted

Up early powered by breakfast from crew member we picked up in Fort Greene and on the road by 7:00 it’s a whole new world. Got to the yard and found some spots where rust got through the barrier coat. And along the edges of the G Flex. Sanded the spots and then sprayed rust converter. Let it dry and then applied barrier coat for a couple coats. The rudder got some serious attention and also a few coats of barrier. Also sprayed keel nuts with rust converter. Curious to get back and see the results of the chemical reaction. After taping it off, started on the bottom while barrier coat was drying. Used the paint straight. In years past have mixed with linseed oil and some acetone to thin it a bit. I think also the thinking behind the mix was to really let the ablative paint fall off leaving you with less old paint at end of season. I kind of cheap/efficient way to “sand” off the layers of older paint. Helped launch our friends Ericson 27 and then that was it for the day. Will be heading back out soon to splash ours.


Getting going on the rudder


Sanded spots where rust reappeared.


More barrier coat and then letting it dry.


New blue bottom paint.


Keel painted as well.


Henry chilling in a bush.