Sea Trial

We sailed out from Three Mile to just shy of Orient and then lapped back to meet up with a friend on his Dufour and exchanged a few photos. I think 5-6 hours total sail. When we opened up the Navionics app we were sailing at 5-6 knots consistently with both sails up in 10-15 knots of wind. Handled well, we have some tweaks in mind, but the rain started up at the end of the afternoon and we ended up just hopping in car and heading back to the city. Really need to give the decks a good scrubbing, as you can see here. Next on our list is cleaning the bilge thoroughly and then sanding and oiling the wood on deck/in the cockpit. Then we will go through/reattach the electronics systems on board so we can take advantage of all the gadgets on board and leave our phones stowed away. IMG_7752 IMG_7720


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