KEEL TIME – “Rust Doesn’t Sleep”

Sunday April 24th. Up early and out the door by 8:30 with our canine assistant. No traffic. Stopped at a yard sale in East Hampton on the way. Didn’t find anything, but was a cool neighborhood of smaller houses. Could have been at the boat in under 2 hours, if we hadn’t stopped for gas and the yard sale.

Did a home depot run the day before, so was all set with discs for the angle grinder.  Donned the Tyvec suit and took down all of the areas where rust is coming through on the keel. Also cleaned up the prop and inside the boat around the bilge we cleaned off the hardware that bolts on the keel. Will do a little more cleaning up of the area where the keel meets the hull and then will be applying a rust neutralizer, then G FLEX (“With a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 psi”), then a barrier coat and then our bottom paint. And this should last more than a few years. (Fingers crossed). Solid day. Turned my head blue.

Hopped off 27 in Hampton Bays to find a sandwich on the way home. Ended up with an ANTONIO from Scotto’s  and a Shrimp Parmigiana grinder. HEAVEN.









Progress – After we clean this out for all of the loose caulk and stuff, this is where G Flex comes in handy


The Antonio


Inside Antonio




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