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We took our time for the long weekend. Heading out Saturday midday picked up supplies in town, cleaned the boat up and then went for a short afternoon sail. (Low battery slowed our departure, borrowed a battery and started right up) Sunday morning, we drove over to the Springs General Store for coffees & bagels. Grabbed some more supplies from the One Stop in Springs, NY. (Supplies =’s goldfish and beer). And then it was low tide midday, so wait until it was + 0.75 to push off. It was a funny sensation as we didn’t ease out of the slip right away. Had some muddy seafloor to contend with. Our neighbor kept asking me when were departing and if we still planned on the circumnavigation. I was anxious that we were leaving at 1:30 pm and not 10:30 am, which was never going to happen, but was my idea of wake up and go. Anyhow we were off. Headed straight across Gardiner’s towards the light house North of Shelter Island at the Peconic River. Made good time, and we headed into the Peconic. Passing Dering Harbor we were attempting to go basically straight up wind. After being rocked by a few large power boats I started the motor to assist our upwind angle to get around Fanning Point and on our way. We cruised along and had thought of stopping at Sunset beach for the night. It was how i picture greece. Boats everywhere jammed in. And houses littering the hillside. We had daylight left so kept on. Once we cleared Jennings point we flew South. Good lean and we were cruising, turned east and then turned at Tyndal Point and again flying south. Rounded Mashomack point and up to the mouth of Coecles. Passed a big yacht parked outside Coecles as the sun was setting and then found a spot to anchor near shore in Coecles just before dark. We did it! Circumnavigation of Shelter was complete! Next time I want to go clockwise and never touch the engine. Dering Harbor and Greenport and all of that Peconic behind Shelter was garbage for sailing. So many A hole power boats. I don’t know why anyone would keep a sailboat in there. Reaffirmed how happy I am in Three Mile Harbor.

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