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2016 was a wedding onslaught and this site was not updated nearly enough. Going to set the calendar reminders to post Mondays during lunch time for this summer. To get up to speed, so far this year have had 4 weekends out at boat yard. One to mostly survey and clean the hull (esp the water line) with Muriatic acid. And then one big day of angle grinding the keel down to the metal again. (Huge thanks to Joe for helping that day). Then a few rainy weekends so wasn’t going to paint those days. And then a trip out a few weeks later, where used acid to remove rust accumulation. Rinsed. Let it dry. Then applied a lot of Star Brite Rust Eater and Converter. Let that sit for 10 minutes and then went back and applied more and moved around with microfiber cloth to try and get any cracks, etc.  Let that dry for 2 hours and then put on a coat of the HS High Solids Barrier coat. Stuff is awesome. Goes on thick. Put on a really thorough coat. And then headed home. Then this  last weekend went back out early early and put on another  HS barrier coat first thing in the morning. Let dry for 4 hours and taped off the lines and then went with the west marine standard blue anti fouling paint. And then after letting dry. The boat is in the water. Now the fun stuff can begin. This coming weekend we want to take out any wood not attached and sand and seal and put back. Also want to remove decayed wheel leather and thinking of going with thin cord neatly knotted over and over all the way around the wheel instead of foam and leather. IMG_6514IMG_7313IMG_7322IMG_7327IMG_7335IMG_7483IMG_7501IMG_7504IMG_7517IMG_7535

Keel Sealing

We did it. Left the house at 7:00 am Saturday morning. It was incredible. Stopped at the hardware store in watermill for drop cloths and were at the boat unloading tools by 9:20. The dream has been realized. No traffic until the expected slowdown in Bridgehampton.  Got going right away with sanding/grinding the keel and rudder. Then focused on clearing about an inch near keel to hull joint and broke out the G Flex and sealed all around with a focus on leading edge where we had dug out old caulk leaving a small gap. “The Smile” is all filled in and then the grey barrier coat. Got 2 coats on and then packed up. Looking forward to another barrier coat this coming weekend and then the bottom paint and splashing.


Our previous work had begun to rust. 


Sanding off loose paint


We dug this out in preparation


He dug a hole to rest in


Angle grinding all day


Barrier Coat – Interlux InterProtect 2000E Epoxy Primer


G FLEX all the way around with focus on front


Side view of G Flex and Barrier Coat